Announcing our new division of children's games, Giant Spacekittens.

Giant Spacekittens was founded in the fall of 2014. After the successful launch of Giant Spacekat's first game Revolution 60, we turned our eyes to the ideas and dreams of other staff members.

Having a daughter at home now old enough and able to open her iPad and launch apps on her own, Amanda pitched a toddler game. Thinking that, rather than fight the inevitable, she'd find games for her. While she found a few gems, there were design elements in most toddler-aged games which she felt she could improve upon.

While that was the initial motivation behind Giant Spacekittens, the further we explored the world of marketing to kids, the more aggravated we became at how gendered we found it to be. We saw a need, echoed by a growing chorus of parents, of giving kids freedom of playspace and not forcing them into society's boxes.

Our philosophy when it comes to play time is, play with whatever catches your fancy, don't let anyone tell you it's not for you.

In keeping with Giant Spacekat's ideals of 'Stories for Everyone,' we wanted to make fun games with positive underlying messages. Our first game, Cupcake Crisis is built around a girl named Mia who loves to build things. We wanted to show that girls can enjoy, thrive, and love engineering and science, which unfortunately can be all too easily discouraged in day to day life.

Our mission, as our games library grows, is to entertain, teach and encourage little ones to explore their world and feel that it's limitless, because that's how it should be.


Giant Spacekittens is currently working on launching their first title, Cupcake Crisis on iOS.