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CNET - "Revolution 60: A game by and about badass women"

"The game's battle system -- designed by Jenna Hoffstein -- is a combination of touchscreen-based quick time events and a more methodical turn-based system played by leaping around a small grid to avoid enemy fire and return it."


Kotaku - "I Can't Get Enough Of This Sexy Sci-Fi Spy Thriller"

 "When a relatively long-form (two and a half hours is long enough for an iPad game) holds my attention, it's got something special going for it. and Revolution 60 certainly does."


iMore - "Revolution 60 is delightful kickassary you need to download right now!"

[I've been] "Playing Revolution 60 since it went into beta, and had a blast making all the wrong choices, blaming the world around me, and then using that as an excuse to kick even more ass."


LA Times - "‘Revolution 60′: Sci-fi mobile game puts women at the front"

"A pocket-sized game that dreams big, ambitiously attempting to marry a complex narrative and fully drawn characters with pick-up-and-play accessibility."


MAC World - "Staff Picks: Revolution 60 is the most ambitious iOS game you'll play this year"

"Giant Spacekat’s game captures everything I love about action/adventure films, classic sci-fi, and good storytelling—and puts it on display through a smart series of choices, reactions, events, and combat sequences."


Touch Arcade - "'Revolution 60' Review - This Revolution Should Have Been Televised"

 "The animations are excellent, well above what I would expect from a relatively small team, and in general, the art style shines with a cool retro-future look straight out of the 1960s."


Indie Haven- "Review: Revolution 60"

"With endings that are sure to make you go, “What?!” “But…” and “Noooo!”, you’re encouraged to play through a few times."


Phone Arena - "Revolution 60 Hands On"  

"Revolution 60's emphasis is found with its cinematic style story and intuitive gestures on the touchscreen. If you love a deep plot with that cinematic appeal, Revolution 60 might cut it for you."


Pocket Gamer - "Revolution 60"

"The protagonists feel like individuals, with their own quirks and backgrounds, from cool and clinical assassin Holiday to the perky Amelia. Their world is fully formed, with a sinister depiction of technology, and a geopolitical situation teetering on the brink."


RPG Fan - "Giant Spacekat is sitting with an absolute winner with Revolution 60"

"The controls are tight, fluid, and responsive, making the game super fun to play. The menu interface is quite intuitive as well, with all necessary data easily accessible and easy to read."


Pixelkin - "Revolution 60: Review"

"As Holiday works through mistakes, bad choices, and uncertain guesses, players get to see a part of the hero that we do not always see in fiction. We get to see a hero caught in doubt."


Cannot Be Tamed - "Revolution 60 (Review)"

" The characters were well-developed, well acted, and full of sass, so the dialogue and cinematics kept me entertained."


Examiner - "Pax East 2013: Giant Spacekat Debuts Revolution 60"

"The dialogue system is where players will make or break alliances - will they choose professional actions or will they ignore their orders and go rogue?"


TapSmart - "Revolution 60: When the fate of the world rests in your hands, will you be a professional or a rebel assassin?"

"Anyone up for a bright and sparky sci-fi adventure should find plenty to like here."


148 Apps - "Revolution 60 Review"

"Revolution 60 is a bold, cinematic action game with ambition to spare."


AppAdvice - "How will you fare as a top-secret spy in Revolution 60?"

"I especially appreciate the strong female cast of characters, each individually voiced and crafted to their unique personalities."


Cult of Mac - "All-Female iOS Game Revolution 60 Is Far More Than A Political Statement"

Evolve - "The 10 Best Indie Games of PAX East 2013"